Another original composition from Game Pieces for Piano, "Red Light, Green Light

Here is another composition I've preserved from recording on small cassette, first reading of "Red Light, Green Light" from Game Pieces for Piano. 

Red Light, Green Light was another game we played in elementary school. Lesson for life: unseat the leader by advancing as many steps as possible while he counted to ten facing away with his eyes closed. If he saw you moving when he turned around it was game over for you. If you could manage to beat the pack and tag him while he was still counting, you became leader.

Quark Suite, Movement 3, Strange

Here is Movement 3, Strange, from Quark Suite, a six-movement chamber piece. Again, this is a first reading of the work and is a piano trio with violin and cello. Strange is the name given by theoretical physicists to the third quark. This is a difficult track to listen to as the intonation of the strings is not good mainly due to the fact it was probably recorded on a small cassette recorder. 

Some more classical compositions...

Here is another movement from Quark Suite: Movement 2, Down, a study of canons, the major canon in the movement being a retrograde canon [frequently called a "crab canon] where the counter melody is the melody backwards.

The main canon is connected with various other canonic forms and after the main canon is stated in unison, each bar of that section is a retrograde canon.

This recording was a first reading at my home on a small cassette player by two Bangor Symphony players...toward the end you will hear me clinking the cover of a glass jar filled with Werther's Butterscotch [my addiction at the time] as I listen...also the end of the recording is cut off as the tape ran out!

I am presently preparing to have the entire Quark Suite re-recorded.

On The Road Again

October 4, 2016


It’s been a glorious summer here at my Maine Coast cottage and studio. Less than two weeks I will be on the road again back to my winter home on the Gulf Beach in Anna Maria, Florida stopping in New York, Charlottesville, VA, Charleston, SC and Savannah...I’m considered a summer person in Maine and a snowbird in Florida- maybe I could coin a new descriptive term: Trans-resident. 

My summer in the studio has been very productive and I’ve created a lot of new work in encaustic mixed media.

I have been exploring the use of different materials with encaustic such as resin and collage pieces from my printmaking days as well as objects collected over the years for assemblage. I typically have 15 different paintings going at once.

My 2016 collection of The Blackbird Pendants in a new color palette is half finished. My goal is to finish 36 for the season. The pendants are very popular and make wonderful gifts reasonably priced.

Each pendant is 2x3x0.25 inches, one-of-a-kind encaustic painting on birch, sterling silver bail, finished in resin, signed on back, boxed: Eighty-one dollars each plus shipping. I’ve added some to this website under Wearable Art. 

Recently I have been adding small faceted stones such as emeralds, rubies, peridots, aquamarine, amethyst etc to the pendant paintings as well as ivory objects. I will be posting these on my art website as well.

Organization of my classical compositions is well underway and I found many of the manuscripts in a trunk of work completed in the past from solo piano to full orchestra. Also have composed some new pieces this summer for solo and chamber.

Here are a couple tracks below ...actually first readings...of work composed in the 1980’s.

  1. From Quark Suite, a six movement work for flute, oboe, strings, piano. Each movement was for different complements: Movement 1, Up, for piano
  2. From Game Pieces for Piano, an ongoing work that presently includes four pieces.

    My concept for the work was how the games we played as children were lessons for life: Leap Frog is one title, for example, and I think whatever our age, we understand what’s at work here

     The track included here is titled See-saw Nocturne. When I was in elementary school the delight of most of the boys was to share the teeter-board on the school grounds with me.  They always promised they wouldn’t hold me “up there” and I believed them every time, but they always did...and they would laugh with glee as I cried to come down. The music reflects these feelings. I certainly could hold my own now in later years! Probably in today’s world they don’t even allow teeter-boards or some of these games like Sweeper, Farmer in the Dell, Red Light, Green Light - all pieces included in the work Game Pieces for Piano.

I will be showing my work at Mercantile in Sarasota, December, First Friday...more on that later.

Look forward to seeing some of you soon. I will be doing two concerts in my Jazz at the Old IGA Series, Anna Maria: December 17 and January 28. For private party quotes from duo to quartet email me at

Thanks for visiting my art website!



Welcome to my website!

My new art website is still a work in progress, but I did want to get it up and running before I start on my April month on the road.  I'm slowly adding content and with the help of technical assistance trying to make it a click-easy site to navigate and enjoy. Click on any image in each category for larger view, move cursor over photo to bring up titles and comments, and click on or to the side of image to view as slideshow.

The Project section will contain video slideshow essays I am working on in the draft stage. The first Project, Charleston Canvas, is just the first edition of many to come from my adopted home away from home, Charleston, SC. I, like everyone, am drawn to the beautiful, historic town of Charleston - love it's architecture, cultural richness. My Charleston Canvases, however, will contain photos of my street photography...frames of moments that catch my keeping with my personal narrative and aesthetic and not necessarily what one might find in the travel brochures.

The music for the slideshow I am currently working on,"Steppin' Out", was composed by my friend Frank Duvall, a top-notch jazz pianist, bassist, educator based in Charleston, performed here by Frank and his trio.  You can check out his music at

The Blog will be sporadic, but hope to add some of my poetry, sketches, photos, and my studio activity here as well as upcoming gallery shows and events.

 I will be adding new content here and throughout the website all the time so I hope you will visit often.

My first post here is a photo of my studio at twilight looking up from my cottage...I've a lovely view of the Penobscot Bay from the studio, which is just up the meadow path from my cottage.

Happy Spring!



My studio at twilight looking up from my cottage on Penobscot Bay...just a few steps up the meadow path takes me to work every morning with a lovely view of the water and my meadow of lupine, daisies and whatever finds it's home there throughout the summer and fall.

My studio at twilight looking up from my cottage on Penobscot Bay...just a few steps up the meadow path takes me to work every morning with a lovely view of the water and my meadow of lupine, daisies and whatever finds it's home there throughout the summer and fall.